WATCH THEM DIE's New Guitar Player: SONNY!

Sonny got his start in the early to mid-nineties, playing guitar in various bands out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Some of these bands included KILLOWATT (Members of CLOWN,LURE LOK), ISORE (Members of PAXTON QUIGGLY,FUTURES PLAN). Also during this time,Sonny spent a year living in Los Angeles, California where he was able to get a start doing studio work for various music producers, such as the heralded DUST BROTHERS (most famous for their work with the BEASTIE BOYS). Working with the DUST BROTHERS lead to additional studio sessions with many different artists, various movie sountracks, and commercial work. It also lead to Sonny being able to head out on the road with BECK for five months druing the 1995 Lollapollozza Tour, and later Europe.

Sonny eventually returned to NEW MEXICO, and there he began working on new music with some old friends. This new music would emphasize a heavier, more brutal sound. This lead to Sonny's joining WORD SALAD, who already had several releases out. WORD SALAD had been touring the US for years, and after Sonny joined the band they continued to tour relentlessly, in addition to inking a deal with Prank records out of San Francisco.

WORD SALAD releases on Prank Records:
(with guitarist/artist leo gonzales)
WORD SALAD / HELLCHILD (from Japan) Split 10"

WORD SALAD came to an end in 1999, with most members relocating to the Bay Area. Sonny stayed in New Mexico and formed a new band called
BULLET TRAIN MAFIA, which featured ex- members of WORD SALAD, THE FANATICS, and LOGICAL NONSENSE, to name but a few. BULLET TRAIN MAFIA played all over the Southwest, including Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and California.

After recording with BTM, Sonny went on the road with WATCH THEM DIE (in support of GWAR) to do sound. After returning from tour, Sonny was asked to join the band on guitar. He has since completed a US Tour with WATCH THEM DIE (as part of package bill featuring CATTLE DECAPITATION & GOATWHORE). Sonny and WATCH THEM DIE will be heading back into the studio in 2005 to record one of the most anticipated metal releases of the year.


ATCH THEM DIE armies. Keep your skin peeled for the second chapter of violence!

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